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Our recruitment procedure step by step


The first step is to send your application to our CEO on why you want to join DSZO together with an Application Fee of 5.0 Billion ISK. Upon succesfull application the ISK will be returned. The Fee will guarantee us that the applicants are dedicated and serious about joining us.


We will now perform a character research and look through your API, contact your former CEO’s and other corporation members to inquire about your previous memberships. This process takes up to 48-72 hours and is necessary to get a correct picture of your persona.


You will now be requested to do an IQ tests to prove that you are of the right caliber to join DSZO. If you already know that your IQ is not in the top 2% (IQ 131+) then we strongly urge you to not apply as it will be both our and your waste of time and the application fee will not be returned upon failure.


Upon successful testing you will now be invited to a skype interview with our board members where our CEO must be present. The interview is expected to last 15-25 minutes and will cover in game and out of game questions to cover your persona, expectations, play style, advantages and the disadvantages.


After the interview a board meeting with take place where the board must anonymously agree in the new member joining DSZO. Upon succesfull application the application fee is fully returned and the member will receive a 3 months detailed introduction plan by our dedicated trainers that will cover all the aspects of DSZO.

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